Kevin Langston 
Deputy Commissioner for Tourism at Georgia Dept. of Economic Development

I have no hesitation giving Dara my highest recommendation. She is insightful, collaborative and strategic. It's wonderful when you find someone who can take a project from concept to finished product with very little oversight, and return a strategic and insightful final study, early and under-budget.

Haile McCollum
Owner, Fontaine Maury

It's not often that smarts and creativity combine so perfectly in one person. Dara's ability to keep a client's goals in mind while pursuing a creative path makes for compelling marketing messages that break through the clutter. She looks at a project from every angle and helps clients make good decisions about moving their business forward. Her network of friends and associates is endless and she always knows the right person to engage for every aspect of a project. She's a true professional in every sense of the word, but she's also a lot of fun to be around!

Karen Hampton
Director of Human Resources at Georgia Dept. of Economic Development

Dara has the perfect mix of competencies that make her a great organizational consultant. Her insightfulness and creativity combined with her business acumen, customer focus and skill in coaching and facilitation give her the ability to quickly understand the unique situations and objectives of each client and to provide sound recommendations for reaching the desired outcome in each case. Dara also has an engaging and positive personality that helps her relate well with individuals at all levels, from one-on-one meetings with executives to training sessions with front-line staff.

After working with Dara for several years at GDEcD we were delighted to be able to continue to tap her expertise by having her tackle projects on an as-needed basis. Her performance has been outstanding. I can unhesitatingly recommend Dara for your organization as well.

Art Allen 
Executive Director, Marguerite Williams Boys & Girls Club

Last year my organization reached the height of implementation of a previous strategic plan. With a great deal of anticipation for the future, we asked ourselves - what next? How far into the future do we set our sights this time? And, how do we engage, in a meaningful way, a new set of players who have come to embrace our mission and support our philanthropic efforts?

These were all important considerations needing to be addressed in our new strategic planning initiative. We were able to do just that and much more, thanks to the very capable and professional services offered by Dara Barwick Consulting. It was refreshing and truly a relief to have an experienced consultant facilitating this critical planning event. As a result of Mrs. Barwick’s superior facilitation and communication skills, we were able to receive invaluable feedback from our stakeholders. Our aspirations and vision for the future is clearer now, and we know we have Dara Barwick Consulting to thank for it.

Julie Bryan
Broker, Key South Real Estate Group

When an organization needs a little nudge to move forward, they need to call Dara Barwick for a consultation. She starts off by listening to what you are trying to accomplish then she analyzes your “needs and wants” and in an amazing way she assists you implement what needs to be done to move forward.

Our company went through a major rebranding in March of 2014. Dara was involved with our change 6 months before the announcement with many “brainstorming” meetings. She was an asset to me personally and became one of my biggest supporters. After the rebranding, Dara helped me with agent training. She is an excellent teacher and motivator. My agents loved having her come to our sales meetings. She has the ability to relate to each agents particular needs and in the end was a great coach.

We love Dara and we thank Dara for being a KeySouth friend.

Jacki Smith
Treasurer, Ferndale, MI DDA Board member

"Hope is not a strategy"   That line told me that I was in the right place with the right presenter.   Dara Barwick challenged all of us to think about what legacy our current organization was creating and then proceeded to give easy, tangible, actionable steps to create a positive legacy.  Dara broke down the power of mentoring in an attainable way that engaged rather than preached. 

The "Creating a Community Legacy through Entrepreneurship & Leadership Strategies" in Atlanta was one of my personal favorites and I brought this home to my board in Ferndale. Her words helped me speak to the board and target small things that can make our city more cohesive and fun.   

Lisa Dorris
Director, Food Services, Suwannee County Schools

This school year we began with a “Kick Off Picnic”.  I invited Dara Barwick to speak, she did an awesome job!  During her presentation she held the audience’s attention with her use of humor and her down to earth personality.  My staff left the presentation feeling motivated and appreciated.

I first met Dara while I was working for Valdosta Technical College as the Fatherhood Coordinator.  Over the years we have come in contact for work related issues and I have grown to respect her.  We not only began a working relationship but a friendship that has lasted more than 20 years

I highly recommend Dara as a consultant or speaker.  Her vast knowledge of government ran agencies along with her interpersonal skills make her a wonderful choice.  

Lorenda Smith
Assistant Vice President at Pelham Banking Company
Dara is high energy and full of motivation! Her very presence is motivational!

Bill Tillman
Director of Economic Development, Wiregrass Technical College

I would highly recommend Dara as a consultant to any individual or organization. Dara is very personable, dependable, and well organized individual with a vast knowledge of economic and workforce development, community partnerships, higher education administration, and grant funded projects.