See that compass up there? I help your business or non profit find direction and create a strategy, solving the problems that may be holding you back from the progress and greatness you deserve.

When you're working inside the organization, time and resources are a challenge. I'm an explorer, a strategic thinker, inquisitive by nature, so ideas for solutions come easy to me.  

When you and I partner on a project, you are getting an objective, outsourced consultant who will focus on your organization and create a customized guide that provides just-in-time solutions that are ready for implementation.

Some of my areas of expertise are:

  • Brightening the perception of your organization to the public.
  • Creating a culture of customer loyalty.
  • Helping your business gain market leadership.
  • Facilitation of strategic planning.
  • Helping you connect with the right audience.
  • Identifying and creating your legacy.
  • Brand Identity ~ Get it right!