Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Month of Seminars - Wrapped up!

I just wrapped up the last of four 90-minute seminars held each Tuesday in November. Whew! That kept me plenty busy so I stayed out of trouble.

The topics were Customer Service, Communication, Strategic Planning and The 5 Generations.
If you want some advice on planning multiple seminars yourself, here are some tips that helped me:

1) Survey as many people as you can reach to find out what topics they are most interested in learning more about.
2) Design a basic seminar outline you will follow for each seminar. For example:
Welcome and Intros
What we will cover today
Thing 1, why and how
Thing 2, why and how
Interactive Activity
Thing 3, why and how
Review and Questions

3) Make sure your graphic design and up-front info clearly tells what you're going to teach.

 If you will follow this simple outline, you will find it's not so difficult to plan multiple seminars with different topics. You can do it too. Get started now!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Do you know the economic impact in your community?

I was honored to serve as facilitator of the Thomasville & Thomas County Economic Impact 2018 event. This was a change-up for the Chamber of Commerce as they usually host a different type of economic development event each year. In the past the event has not contained as much local and relevant content as desired, so this year made all the difference!

Panelists were:
Shelley Zorn, local Economic Developer
April Norton, Main Street Director
Bonnie Hayes, Tourism Director
Julie Bryan, KeySouth Real Estate Group
Ty Turner, Synovus Bank
Brian Weibler, Tall Timbers Research Station

As you might expect, each panelist was asked to answer questions directly related to their expertise and industry.

Overall, the Thomasville community's economic development outlook is good, BUT there must be action to overcome the surprising number of non-working adults in the community and the need for median priced real estate for rentals and ownership.

I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this event and learned a lot. My recommendation to everyone is to be engaged as much as you can in your local community. It's good for all.

Economic Impact - Thomasville