Monday, July 30, 2018

So, you think the economy is all about those people in D.C.? Guess what?

I have an idea! Instead of depending only on the national news media to find out about the economy at home, how would you like to learn a lot about your LOCAL economy? It all fits together like a puzzle. Or, perhaps it's more of a maze! How and when does the national and international economy affect Thomasville, and in what ways?

I'm proud of the Thomasville-Thomas County, GA Chamber for putting together Economic Impact 2018 for the community. What a lot of work is put into this!

Six panelists, each local experts in their field are preparing current information about the local economy to share at this event.

The panelists are Julie Bryan, real estate; Ty Turner, banking; Brian Wiebler, hunting and conservation; Bonnie Hayes, tourism, April Norton, Main Street; and Shelley Zorn, local professional economic developer. I'll be facilitating the panel, throwing some questions to them to get the answers that are bound to give you some AHA!'s. 

The Chamber feels certain that citizens will find great value in this event, so they're already thinking ahead to next year when they will feature expert panelists from other industries such as healthcare, education, or manufacturing.

Here's a clip from WPAX local radio with some insight to the event:
WPAX - Economic Impact 2018

Register now to attend! Here's the link for information and registration:

 Register here!
See you there!

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