Monday, January 22, 2018

The "2018 Ready" Employer

I'm going to offer some business advice for 2018.
I meet with quite a few businesses over the course of a year, and I'm impressed with employers who make employees a priority in the business. By this I mean showing employees respect, and giving them opportunities to demonstrate their talents and be rewarded  and recognized. Employers who micromanage, distrust, and treat employees with a lack of respect are asking for the trouble they get. Once an employer loses the trust and respect of employees it's hard to win back, but an employer with a sincere desire to turn a bad situation around can do so. 1)Employers, when you have an issue with an employee, address that issue directly with the specific employee. Never issue blanket warnings and punishment to all.
2)Show trust and respect unless and until an employee has given you reason for doubt. See #1
3) Give every employee fair and specific expectations and goals, involving the employee in the decisions and coming to an agreement.
3) Recognize and reward employees for their accomplishments. Never be smug.
4) Employees perform best from coaching, not from being managed. Do you want to be managed? Of course you don't. Why do you think employees would?
5) People spend a very large part of their lives at work. Do what you can to make your workplace culture a desirable place to work.
6) If you're self-centered, stop today. Effective leaders are people focused, not self-absorbed.
7) Are you the example and role model your employees need? Be honest. If you're not, change that today.
To summarize, there is nothing in your business more important than the talent you've hired. The sales, product and service aren't worth a dime if the employees are miserable working for you.
Be your best self, and you will be rewarded.
Have a great 2018!