Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Have you met B.T. in the Business Jungle?

In the business jungle lives a hulking, sleepy gorilla named Boring Traditionalist, and he's a heavy weight.  Let's take an honest look at this primate and how he affects businesses, maybe yours. For the purpose of holding your interest I'll call him B.T.

B.T. has existed in the business jungle a long, long time, and he's rarely been disturbed. You would think leopards, venomous snakes and hunters would have killed him off by now, but he's immortal. Or so he believes, and if you believe something with all your heart, it becomes true to you.

The B.T. of business is identified by the routine, the mundane, the stuff that takes minimal effort and certainly no creative thinking skills. It's possible that B.T. has survived in the business jungle because he keeps a low profile, sits in the trees without going out on a limb, hunts for food at night and exhibits very low energy. He's old and worn out. 

Where does B.T. live in your business?  Is he in the promotions plan where the line item still says "Advertising" and includes the same budget tactics used by everyone 40 years ago? Does B.T. direct your customer service culture to be rooted in believing you have no competition? When you hear how important branding is, does B.T. shake his head in disbelief that you would go to the trouble to stand out from the crowd?

I've witnessed B.T. in his most comfortable environment when CEO's and Managers are way behind in modern, competitive business practices, reluctant or fearful. Staying ahead in the jungle requires being alert, implementing smart plans, executing competitive strategies, understanding the lay of the land, and constantly improving the business culture.

B.T.(Boring Traditionalist) can be a problem, but only if you allow him to infiltrate your business. Don't stand for it, and don't settle for less than what your company and your people deserve! Be ready with modern ammunition, competitive strategy and the right tools. It's a jungle out there.