Monday, August 15, 2016

Entrepreneurs Walk a Tightrope


Every single day as a small business owner I think about "what's next" for my business. How do I want my business to grow or change? Do I add services, extend current services, or add products?

I already know from experience it's more profitable to continue working with current and past clients, deepening those relationships and services, rather than working harder and spending more to recruit new clients. But, a part of me loves the relationship building and learning that comes with new clients. I try to work at both.

Being focused on today, yet planning for the future can be a challenge, but it's a requirement to thrive in business. I ran across this article on by William Vanderbloemen, and it speaks well to these challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

Stay true to your core business, keep a close eye on those financials, and don't let SOS lead you astray. We can do this. Let's keep our focus on getting across that tightrope to the other side.