Monday, March 14, 2016

You Can Create an Engaging Workplace

Psychologist Daniel Pink writes that people are driven by "autonomy, mastery, and purpose." 

One of the top factors affecting the workplace and certainly a concern among entrepreneurs is finding a way to engage and retain employees. Although everyone likes excellent pay and would not turn down a raise, it may be surprising to learn that people are also after a more entrepreneurial and meaningful experience on the job.

Having a mission driven purpose that is understood and adopted by employees is one of the ways companies are able to engage and retain workers. There's a story told about a group of reporters at NASA who saw a janitor coming their way with a broom. They stopped him and asked, "What's your job here?" The janitor replied, "My job is to help put a man on the moon." 

People like to know their opinion is valued, and they crave work that lets them leave a unique fingerprint on a finished product.(Josh Bersin, Bersin and Deloitte). 

Company leaders should share customer feedback, good and bad, in a way that helps employees understand there will be celebrations for successes and they have a stake in helping correct mistakes.

It's never too late for companies to adopt and implement strategies to develop a more engaging workplace. Your employees will thank you for it.