Wednesday, September 30, 2015

There's just something about 250 Magic Road

Back in the day the old New Hope Church practically shook with joyous singing every Sunday for hours on end. Inside the modest building, handmade pews of solid pine were lined up in rows and ragged hymnals were passed around, shared by steady hands when the crowd outnumbered the hymnals. 

The congregation grew until the old church could no longer hold all of Sunday's best, and a new church was built a few miles away. I don't know when the last sermon was preached here, but I've imagined it was a proud and happy day as the pastor looked forward to a bigger sanctuary. I know the church was abandoned in the late 70's because I became a tiny bit obsessed with it. At that time I lived a couple of miles away from this property and would often turn down the shady, dirt road just to ride by the church and let my imagination run wild on the potential of the property.

I was fairly convinced of what a lovely and perfect little cottage it could be if renovated. I remember that in my imagination I built a sleeping loft toward the back and installed beautiful, shiny pine floors. But, it was not to be at that time.

In the meantime the one acre parcel, including the church, was purchased by Jay and Dorothy Harwood, and in 1984 they built their forever home there near the church. Jay was a 20 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and was smart, witty and kind. He spent many hours in the former church, having converted it to a spacious workshop and garage where he tinkered with trucks, motorcycles and other things that caught his interest. Many times I saw Dot sitting in the yard to watch Jay work on his projects. 

Jay and Dot lived at 250 Magic  Road the rest of their lives and were dear friends to everyone in our rural neighborhood.  We had purchased a farm and built a home further down Magic Road, so we were were neighbors. Eventually, the property was put on the market, and we bought it. We didn't need it, but as it had so many years before, the old church called my name. 

Here's the home Jay and Dot built. It's 3 S's: solid, simple and sweet. We've added a new roof, new flooring, fresh paint and a few other things. It's cute as a button and located just a few hundred feet off a paved highway on quiet Magic Road. Country living at it's best.

After owning for several years, we have put the property up for sale because we know there is a family looking for just such a place. We've rented out the house, and it's been well maintained. I've enjoyed using the church for storage, working on projects and occasional sales of vintage pieces I hunt and gather. That sweet old church deserves more, don't you think?

So, here she is, 250 Magic Road. There's just something about it, and I think it's calling someone's name. If it's you, here's where you can learn more about it:
 250 Magic Road, Boston, GA

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's a good lesson for these hurried times

Recently I was reminded how easy it is to ignore an opportunity to have a generous spirit.

I was checking out in a home improvement store, and my transaction was a little complex. I needed to arrange to pay for merchandise that was located in another store in a nearby town + arrange to have my contractor approved to pick it up.

Christina was my cashier. Here's how good she is: She smiled and told me it would be no trouble at all as she took all the information. Other customers began to line up behind me, and she was the only cashier in that area at that moment. She immediately acknowledged the other customers, telling them it would take just a few minutes, she called in assistance to open another register and proceeded with helping me. And, she smiled.  I made sure to thank her for her great service. I left the store feeling good.

Well, maybe not that good! Ha!

After I loaded my purchases in my car I remembered something else I was supposed to buy, so I went back inside, quickly found what I needed and got in line in another area with a different cashier. As I approached I spoke to her and barely got a glance. She looked unhappy. To he honest she looked downright miserable. I began to feel that little angst of frustration bubbling within me, especially since I had just enjoyed wonderful service at the same store.

Suddenly I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. I decided to see what she would do with another chance. I said, "Are you feeling badly today?" She said, "Yes, I've just called my doctor because I'm having severe leg pains and it hasn't been long since I was in the hospital with blood clots. I know I have another one. I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor's office."

Here she was, working while standing on a concrete floor and worried sick about having a blood clot. Of course I expressed concern, wished her well and told her I would say a prayer that all will be well.

I wanted to kick myself for so quickly becoming frustrated about her attitude! Although I'm a raving fan of great service where I shop, I am reminded that unfriendly service does not always mean what it appears. People we encounter are sometimes carrying a heavy burden, and they are understandably distracted.

It's a good lesson to be learned. Choosing a generous spirit when at all possible is a mighty good thing.