Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Worn out? Heeere's you sign!

Do you ever think, "I wish I could get away for a couple of days and decompress."

Although I thoroughly enjoy being with people, and that energizes me, there comes a time when my brain and body are in overload...too much stimulation and busy-ness.  Did I make up that word?

Now that I manage my own time I schedule an annual retreat for myself. 

This year I'm spending a few days at my daughter's home on the Gulf coast while they are on vacation. Ahhh.....I love their vacations! She and her family are moving real soon, so this is my last shot at this free VRBO.

As difficult as it may seem, we should all take better care of ourselves. The constant hum and buzz of life can cause stress, and when that happens we have to find a way to turn it down a little. This is one way I handle it. You may have other methods, so, just do whatever it takes to reclaim your calmness.

My consulting projects await me, and I've had great quality time to do some creative thinking and planning on those projects and the future. It's all good. See that image up top? Turn right, and plan a retreat for yourself. 


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