Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

The official Wednesday word this week is HELP. Not, "Help!" Rather, help as in help other people to be successful or inspired or get the job they want so badly. That kind of help.

When someone is working at it and on it, but they need a little nudge, just a little something extra, it's a lot of fun to give help. 

I suppose selfish people succeed too, but, who would want to be like them? 

Zig was spot on! There is one big fat rule to this wisdom. If you help others get what they want only so you can get what you want, that's cheating, and it won't work out well.

Work strategy: Under promise and over deliver. 

Believing in yourself and having confidence will be a great asset as you go about helping others achieve their dreams.

And, finally, I wish you a Wednesday surrounded by inspiring and generous people. People just like you.

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