Monday, July 6, 2015

How to remove red flag warnings - legally

If you're at the beach and see a red flag go up, do you stay in the water or make haste to get away from the danger? Of course you get out of the water fast!

 If you're traveling and come across a red flag fire warning, you certainly don't continue driving toward danger. Of course not, silly!

Yet, when running a business it's so easy to ignore red danger flags. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. One way to get those red flags down for good is to have a well thought out strategy.

Does strategy sound too far fetched to pertain to your small business?  

Do you feel lucky to simply make it through the week without a major breakdown?

Are you wondering which challenge or opportunity of the business you could strategize around?

If any of the above questions feel comfy and live in your own head you are not alone! Being a small business owner requires so many skills, talents and smarts, and there's only so much time in every day and every week. 

Those are the very reasons it's super smart to have a strategy in place, whether it's an overall business strategy or a very focused one. For example, it could be that you don't need someone to remind you that you could do a heck of a lot more in the social media department, not to mention the idea tacked on your someday calendar to implement a customer retention and loyalty program. 

The things that remain unspoken, unplanned, or just an idea are the very things that send up a red flag warning saying, "We need a strategy." 

Having a plan and strategy allows you to relax your shoulders about this concern and provides a path to a good outcome.  Without a plan it's hit or miss and a guaranteed undesirable outcome.

So, what are you waiting for? Make running your business easier sooner rather than later by asking for expert help to create a strategy that will work. You're the expert in the service you deliver. I'm the expert in strategy. Let's get together and take down the red flag obstructing your progress!

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