Friday, July 17, 2015

Vote for "herd immunity". Here's how...

Maya Angelou created important writing and resulting little sayings that had the potential to change people for the good. When people are thinking good and doing good, it's like "herd immunity"as relates to vaccines. Just as vaccines can prevent outbreaks of disease and save lives, positive people can act as a "vaccine" against negative people and negative outcomes. From a medical standpoint, it goes like this: (stay with me)

 "When a large percentage of the population is vaccinated, the spread of disease is limited. This indirectly protects unimmunized individuals. This includes those who can't be vaccinated and those for whom vaccination was not successful. It is more difficult to maintain a chain of infection when much of the population is vaccinated." (

I'm weird, I know. Why did vaccines and herd immunity come to mind when I write about business strategy? On a recent visit to my wonderful physician, Dr. Gee, he took the time to explain herd immunity because he recommended I get a pneumonia vaccine. Although I'm not at the high risk age and I don't have chronic illness, I chose to get the vaccine to protect myself and my community. If my trusted doctor recommends it, I am going to listen.

So, who would disagree that we should vaccinate ourselves and others with positive thoughts, positive energy, and positive change?  I love possibilities, and it's highly  possible to create "herd immunity" in our personal and work communities by being vaccinated with a good attitude and spreading it like wildfire.

I can't pick a favorite Maya quote because there are so many, and I really like this one. 

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