Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm Not A Fan of Marketing When it Wears that Old Leisure Suit

 I AM a fan of relationship marketing and loyalty marketing because it's real, modern and thoughtful.

I am NOT a fan of  branding when it's only a buzz word tossed about by the waves in the ocean of businesses.

I AM a fan of meaningful, creatively developed brand discovery that leads to a solid brand identity that CEO's, teams, and customers all "get".

You don't need reward cards, stamps or coupons to have a loyalty program. Those are reward programs. It's okay if you want to do that and you have the type of business for which the rewards are a good fit. 

What you really must have is a loyalty marketing strategy. Customers won't give you too many chances to show them you care about what they want and what they think,  Be different. 

Throw out that old leisure suit you've called your marketing. It won't get you the customers you want, and it sure won't create loyal fans.

I have some recommendations and solutions that will bring your business into the forefront of the mind of your customer and place you right square dab in their sweet little hearts. That's what your fans really want.

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