Sunday, June 7, 2015

Business Lessons from American Pharoah

The wait was long. Not since 1978 when Affirmed won The Triple Crown did the grandstands thunder with exuberant vibration, hands in the air and joyful jubilee. 

We, the fans, get to see the glory day, not the blood, sweat and tears of learning, training, practicing, racing, losing, winning and then, coming out ahead when it really counts. As it did on June 6, 2015, 37 years since the last Triple Crown Winner.

In business it's much the same. The competition is hot and fierce, innovation is thundering up fast, just a few strides behind you, and loyal fans see a flicker of something new from the corner of their eye. It seems interesting; something that could be the next winner.  Will they place their bets on you, their steadfast friend? Or will their loyalty flow to the next big thing coming 'round the bend?

Be ready. Keep learning, practicing, and innovating to stay in the race. Your fans are counting on you because they've invested in you and your business by spending again and again. Don't let them down.

They have placed their bets on YOU.

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