Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Month of Seminars - Wrapped up!

I just wrapped up the last of four 90-minute seminars held each Tuesday in November. Whew! That kept me plenty busy so I stayed out of trouble.

The topics were Customer Service, Communication, Strategic Planning and The 5 Generations.
If you want some advice on planning multiple seminars yourself, here are some tips that helped me:

1) Survey as many people as you can reach to find out what topics they are most interested in learning more about.
2) Design a basic seminar outline you will follow for each seminar. For example:
Welcome and Intros
What we will cover today
Thing 1, why and how
Thing 2, why and how
Interactive Activity
Thing 3, why and how
Review and Questions

3) Make sure your graphic design and up-front info clearly tells what you're going to teach.

 If you will follow this simple outline, you will find it's not so difficult to plan multiple seminars with different topics. You can do it too. Get started now!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Do you know the economic impact in your community?

I was honored to serve as facilitator of the Thomasville & Thomas County Economic Impact 2018 event. This was a change-up for the Chamber of Commerce as they usually host a different type of economic development event each year. In the past the event has not contained as much local and relevant content as desired, so this year made all the difference!

Panelists were:
Shelley Zorn, local Economic Developer
April Norton, Main Street Director
Bonnie Hayes, Tourism Director
Julie Bryan, KeySouth Real Estate Group
Ty Turner, Synovus Bank
Brian Weibler, Tall Timbers Research Station

As you might expect, each panelist was asked to answer questions directly related to their expertise and industry.

Overall, the Thomasville community's economic development outlook is good, BUT there must be action to overcome the surprising number of non-working adults in the community and the need for median priced real estate for rentals and ownership.

I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in this event and learned a lot. My recommendation to everyone is to be engaged as much as you can in your local community. It's good for all.

Economic Impact - Thomasville

Friday, October 26, 2018

Here's the seminar you're looking for: Smart Strategic Planning - Own and Implement It!

Get ready! November is going to be packed on Tuesdays with genuine professional development that can be the positive upswing your looking for in your business or workplace. 

This is the first in a 4-Tuesday series. Register today! I will look forward to seeing you there!

Smart Strategic Planning Seminar!

For details on the other 3 Tuesday seminars, follow:
Dara Barwick Consulting

Friday, September 7, 2018

Position announcement: Human Resources Director (Albany, GA)

Job Description: Human Resources Director (Albany, GA; start date before 11/01/18)

The Human Resources Director will report directly to the President of the organization and be responsible for planning and directing all human resource activities including and not limited to recruiting, compensation, benefits, policies, performance management, safety and training. The Human Resources Director works closely with employees and employer to ensure the organization runs smoothly.


A.      Advise managers/supervisors on organizational policy matters and resolution of employee relations issues.

B.      Recruit and interview job candidates; assist the President and managers in the selection of new hires, provide new personnel with information on policies, duties, working conditions, wages and employee benefits.

C.      Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster understanding and a positive attitude toward organizational objectives.

D.     Analyze training needs and design employee development plans to include   managers and staff.

E.      Administer performance review and salary program to ensure effectiveness, compliance and equity within the organization. 

F.       Train managers/supervisors; coordinate training in interviewing, hiring, goal setting, performance management, and terminations.

G.     Perform duties such as mediating disputes, administering disciplinary procedures and employee terminations, workers comp claims and assuring policies are in place and adhered to.

H.     Consult with legal counsel to ensure that policies, current and new, comply with federal and state law.

I.        Prepare and follow budgets for personnel operations.

J.        Administer and coordinate compensation, benefits, performance management and safety and wellness programs.

K.      Provide support and communication to managers and employees by serving as a link to handle questions and help resolve work-related problems.

L.       Oversee the maintenance and communication of records required by law or local governing bodies, or other departments in the organization.

M.   Other duties as required by management.

Minimum qualifications:

o   Bachelor's degree from a four-year college or university in HR, Business or related field.

o   5 years of HR Management Experience

o   Proven knowledge and expertise

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to

She Creates Business 2018

I am a fan, follower and supporter of businesses and entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs. I want to see everyone succeed, so I try to "be there" when I have an opportunity.

Last year I co-founded She Creates Business, a conference for women entrepreneurs. This year our attendance doubled! We held the conference in a lovely event space, brought in great speakers, received support from admired sponsors and we were blessed with an event to remember! 

 I'll post more about the conference in a future post. In the meantime, follow us on fb and IG. There's now a fb group for sharing business topics and opportunities. Be sure to join it!
She Creates Business

 She Creates Biz

Monday, July 30, 2018

Dear Women Entrepreneurs, (yes, you)

How many opportunities come your way to learn from and connect with other women who have a serious desire to hear straight from the pros, the ones who are experiencing high levels of business growth and learn from them? What did they do to ascend to the next level? What was the tipping point in public relations? Was there one thing in marketing that taught them a valuable lesson you'll also want to know about?

Here's your opportunity. I imagine, like me, you're used to seeing conference registration prices that exceed what you feel is a reasonable investment for your business. That's one reason to check out She Creates Business 2018.

We intentionally kept ticket prices at a level you can easily afford. If you missed the early bird discounted prices, tickets are still under $100. Yes, you heard me correctly, and until August 8th, they're under $95!

What do you get for that price? You'll hear from The Zimmerman Agency, the PR and advertising firm that ranks #1 in Florida and ranks in the top 5 in the US. Then, there's the rising star in video marketing, Montina Portis, who is traveling the country making video marketing hotter than hot! But, that's not all, folks. Wait 'til you hear from marketing and PR experts in 8 different businesses and editors-in-chief from two regional magazines. Who knows? Maybe they'll decide to feature your business before the day is over. 

Want me to share how we'll wind up the day? Ever heard of Julie Bryan Moran, former ESPN broadcaster, current Lifetime TV Balance co-host, and a long list of other broadcasting roles? Yep, that's her! She'll be here too. Julie has a great story, being from a small, south Georgia hometown  going on to Pro-Sports and award show broadcasting. She's a hit everywhere she goes.

I'll be so disappointed if you don't join us! It's our passion to help other women entrepreneurs design their businesses to grow. We feel so blessed to have ticket sales going so well, and we want you to have a ticket too. It's now 24 days 'til She Creates Business swings open the doors to inspiration, growth, and connecting! You're welcome there, and we look forward to seeing you. 

So, you think the economy is all about those people in D.C.? Guess what?

I have an idea! Instead of depending only on the national news media to find out about the economy at home, how would you like to learn a lot about your LOCAL economy? It all fits together like a puzzle. Or, perhaps it's more of a maze! How and when does the national and international economy affect Thomasville, and in what ways?

I'm proud of the Thomasville-Thomas County, GA Chamber for putting together Economic Impact 2018 for the community. What a lot of work is put into this!

Six panelists, each local experts in their field are preparing current information about the local economy to share at this event.

The panelists are Julie Bryan, real estate; Ty Turner, banking; Brian Wiebler, hunting and conservation; Bonnie Hayes, tourism, April Norton, Main Street; and Shelley Zorn, local professional economic developer. I'll be facilitating the panel, throwing some questions to them to get the answers that are bound to give you some AHA!'s. 

The Chamber feels certain that citizens will find great value in this event, so they're already thinking ahead to next year when they will feature expert panelists from other industries such as healthcare, education, or manufacturing.

Here's a clip from WPAX local radio with some insight to the event:
WPAX - Economic Impact 2018

Register now to attend! Here's the link for information and registration:

 Register here!
See you there!